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Personal Colour Kit


Your personal Professional Colour Kit

Typically using your own colour formula or created for you during an online consultation.



In this kit you will receive:

  • Your personal professional colour.
  • Developer.
  • Where possible we will refer to your Colour Notes which we hold in salon.
  • A mixing bowl.
  • Protective gloves.
  • Instructions on how to mix.

Please note:
We can not pre-mix the colour for you as it starts to go off once it is opened and mixed. This could significantly impact the colour results. So we will supply you with new un-opened tubes. We will give you instructions on how to mix it yourself.
We highly recommend you have an online consultation before ordering your colour. You can book this here. We can then check your colour and your roots and also give you some advice on the best way to mix and apply the colour.
You may be required to give yourself an allergy test – during your online consultation we can advise if you need this and explain how to do this.
As we are not applying the colour ourselves, we cannot be responsible for the results.



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