One of the things that makes being a hairdresser so special are the relationships we build with our guests. To celebrate these relationships, we decided to showcase some of our top talent within the company and see what some of their favourite guests had to say about them..

‘I love the freedom that Dan gives me’ 

Executive Stylist Tomm 

Dan: I do just sit there and say whatever I don’t mind.

Tom: He will sit there and suddenly he will be having a haircut and I will be like, you know we are going to shape your eyebrows. And he is like yeah go for it. 

"She loves her work when I go home she won't stop talking about it."

Guest Sam

Erin: I remember, I first came out of barbering college after hairdressing college and we were at the back of his shed. And he got his father’s clippers and said, “fix my hair”! So, that is the first time I did his hair. I don’t think he has cheated on me… Hairdressing wise! Haha!

 Sam: I can confirm, I haven’t. Haha! 

" I love the way that Ilker blow-dries my hair."

Guest Yasmin

Yasmin: So, the reason I first went to see Ilker at Canary Wharf was because I went to a seanhanna salon in Cambridge.

And one the stylist who was giving me a blow-dry (my weekly blow-dries) said, “if you’re from London, you really need to see a guy called Ilker. 

" I just walked out of the salon feeling like a million dollars! " 

"No, I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else!"

Guest Eileen & Ariana

Eileen: My favourite thing that Kirsty has done to my hair is to make it this colour and make it look so natural for my age. 

Arianna: She did a colour drag, a couple of months ago and I just walked out of the salon feeling like a million dollars! 

‘When I go into shops, I’m looking at myself in the mirror because it always looks so lovely.’ 

Guest, Pat. 

Pat: That’s fine but I’m always saying to Eunsook not too short! Haha! 

Eunsook: Pat’s hair is so beautiful, very straight, very fine and when I touch it, it feels SO soft. I just love it! 

We are updating them both really. Very modern, very modern couple.

Stylist Gina

Gina: My favourite style,  is where we’ve gone really chopper [gestures to Linda] and she has just changed her colour as well. We are having this choppy blonde, kind of more modern look that we are going for.

[Gestures to Phil] I’ve made him more modern, It was more of an 80’s look when inherited Phil and now is looking more rugged. 

‘The thing I love about Sean is that he’s very precise’.

Skyler Hanna

Skyler: What about the time that you cut my fringe in the middle of the street. [Looks at Sean].

Sean: In Paris? 

Skyler: No, not in Paris. You cut my fringe in the middle of the street in a ski town (Sean: oh, that’s right) in Monterosa. 

She could see in my face that it wasn't me.

Guest Becky

Becky: She is brilliant. She knew immediately when I went brown, that it wasn’t me. She could see it in my face that it wasn’t me. She was trying her best and said it looks really good. It did look really good, but it didn’t feel like me. 

She does get quite annoyed with me when I’m moving but she does give a really good head massage.

Guest Laura

Laura: I’m always happy with Chloe when I leave. She does get quite annoyed with me when I’m moving but she does give a really good head massage. So, I let her off!