The Tier Drop is a seanhanna signature haircut.

Featuring seamless layers, it really is a versatile haircut which works on all lengths and hair types. With or without a fringe, The Tier Drop promotes texture and movement without seeing the lines of the shorter layers, hence the appearance of being seamless.

If you would like to see in more detail how we create the seamless layers, watch this short video;

Seamless Layers Explained

Training a new haircut is one of the most exciting things about developing a new look or technique. Before we start working on ‘live’ models, we make sure we perfect the techniques on ‘dolly heads’.

We first work with our ‘creative team’ who become experts in every variation of the styles and they then help us deliver the training to rest of the teams in all our salons. Here is a short clip of two of our top stylists, Tom Harris from our Putney salon and Colin Knight from our Cambridge salon working out the best way to teach the new Tier Drop haircut.