Brazilian Blow Dry

Brazilian Blow Dry Treatment 

Special Offer at £119 

why to choose Brazilian Blow Dry

  • Smooth, Frizz Free and Shiny hair - all thanks to keratin, which will revitalise your hair, leaving your hair feeling much stronger and healthier
  • Results last up to 12 weeks - many of our guests have been treating themselves to our Brazilian Blow Dries over the years, and each time the results are always outstanding.  
  • Manageable hair - you will literally save hours every time you style your hair at home for the next three months
  • It doesn't cost a million - with special £119 offer and no more styling products you will save over £300
  • Fabulous hair - every single day!

your questions answered

How does a Brazilian Blow Dry work?

Will this suit my hair type?

Will a Brazilian Blow Dry make my hair straight?

My hair is coloured – can I still have a Brazilian Blow Dry?

How long does a Brazilian Blow Dry last?

How do I maintain my Brazilian Blow Dry?

Is it safe?

how much does it cost? 

A Brazilian blow-dry typically costs between £150 for short fine hair to £300 for longer thicker hair. However if you sign up to our innercirlce today, we will send you a voucher to have your Brazilian Blow-dry done for only £119 - ANY hair, ANY length, ANY Thickness. Offer expires 20th March 2020. Terms and Conditions apply.

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why celebrities choose Brazilian Blowdry?

Have you ever wondered how your favourite celebrities always have flawless hair? Well, say hello to the Brazilian Blow Dry! From Meghan Markle, to Khloe Kardashian, to Olivia Attwood from Love Island, they have all had a Brazilian Blow Dry to keep their hair in top condition. 

The treatment uses keratin to help their hair feel much smoother and manageable. At seanhanna, we are Brazilian Blow Dry experts and we offer the treatment to any hair, any length and any thickness. Your hair will feel super soft and have intense shine!  

is a Brazilian Blowdry safe for me?

Do you want to get a Brazilian Blow Dry, but worry about the chemicals that are used? At seanhanna, our Brazilian Blow Dry is formaldehyde-free, so the treatment is completely safe. You can have smooth, manageable hair without the use of harsh chemicals.

Brazilian Blowdry aftercare

After you have a Brazilian Blow Dry, it is recommended that you wait 1-3 days before you wash your hair. The timing will depend on your individual hair type, which will be advised by your stylist.

During the first 3 days after you Brazilian Blow Dry, we would advise you to not use any styling products, tie your hair or tuck it behind your ears. You need to take special care during this period, as the treatment is still settling in. After this period, as long as you use a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner, you can treat your hair quite normally.

Brazilian Blowdry with Nanokeratin

A Brazilian Blow Dry from seanhanna uses the revolutionary Nanokeratin system so that you can have smooth, manageable hair for up to 12 weeks. The treatment is formaldehyde-free, so it’s completely safe! Your hair will feel stronger, nourished and revitalised.