Brazilian Blow Dry

Brazilian Blow Dry Treatment 

Special Offer at £119 

why to choose Brazilian Blow Dry

  • Smooth, Frizz Free and Shiny hair - all thanks to keratin, which will revitalise your hair, leaving your hair feeling much stronger and healthier
  • Results last up to 12 weeks - many of our guests have been treating themselves to our Brazilian Blow Dries over the years, and each time the results are always outstanding.  
  • Manageable hair - you will literally save hours every time you style your hair at home for the next three months
  • It doesn't cost a million - with special £119 offer and no more styling products you will save over £300
  • Fabulous hair - every single day!

your questions answered

How does a Brazilian Blow Dry work?

Will this suit my hair type?

Will a Brazilian Blow Dry make my hair straight?

My hair is coloured – can I still have a Brazilian Blow Dry?

How long does a Brazilian Blow Dry last?

How do I maintain my Brazilian Blow Dry?

Is it safe?

how much does it cost? 

A Brazilian blow-dry typically costs between £150 for short fine hair to £300 for longer thicker hair. However if you sign up to our innercirlce today, we will send you a voucher to have your Brazilian Blow-dry done for only £119 - ANY hair, ANY length, ANY Thickness. Offer expires 20th March 2020. Terms and Conditions apply.

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