Capturing a look is always exciting. It’s only a spilt second but can define a look, a feeling, an inspiration. I love working with a camera. Creating a look and taking the picture. I found it is one of the ways that keeps me focused and always pushing myself to be better. A photo can show up any flaws or imperfections, so the process naturally helps us to improve what we do. Here are are a few of my personal favourites. I hope you enjoy them too.

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Home Videos
A big thank you to all my creative collaborators.
Mark Dearman
Sean Hanna
Lel Burnett – Mute Media
Carly Wong and Simon Withyman
Alex Beadon
Leila D’Aguilar
Charlotte Smith
Magda Skoczylas
Sophie Wilson
Danielle Sewell
Lucy Cates
Cassandra Wilkinson
Hannah Head
Magdealena Jakubik
Amy Bowers
Donatella Pegler
Claire Leeming
Roxanne Summers
Linda Berryman
Lotty Benson
Emma Odilon