When did you first starting coming to Yesmin?

PAT: I first started about 28 years ago.
YESMIN: Yep at Worcester Park, where I first started the salon!

Why do you love Yesmin?

PAT: I love Yesmin because she’s able to style my hair to suit my age as I’ve got older and clearly you can’t see the grey!

Why do you go to our seanhanna salon in Sutton?

PAT: I go to Sutton because I need to see Yesmin (who is based there) and I like the staff as well. They’re all very good and friendly.

Have you ever cheated on Yesmin?

PAT: I do occasionally when I’m travelling overseas or if Yesmin is away, but then I still go to seanhanna in Canary Wharf.

What does Pat have done to her hair now?

YESMIN: Absolutely everything, treatments, cuts, colour, whatever I advise her really!
PAT: And it always works a treat.

Why is Pat one of your favourite clients?

YESMIN: When Pat visited me in my first week she had really curly, aaucasian, afro hair and she asked me to ‘sort it out’. So I did and she has been loyal once or twice a week with me for the last 28 years 🙂