Tomm joined the seanhanna family 18 years ago as a Junior Stylist in our Sutton salon. From there, he moved to our Wimbledon salon and worked his way up to eventually become Salon Manager, he has since managed Worcester Park and Putney before becoming General Manager for the seanhanna group. During his time with the company he has worked with the seanhanna Creative Team, is a specialist in Great Lengths hair extensions. Tomm recently became a Director for the company and brought along his favourite client, Lady K, to the shoot.

How long have you been seeing Tomm for?
LADY K: The relationship has been going for 13/14 years now – a long time. My longest hairdresser ever!

How does seanhanna differ from other salons?
LADY K: seanhanna differs because with my shift work they go out of their way to fit me in with my last minute changes. They’re extremely professional when you walk in, always greeted with a smile, always bubbles available in the fridge if Lady K requires bubbles! But more importantly I always get what I ask for with regards to colour, cut and style. Tomm knows exactly what I’m looking for and he does it. I never leave unhappy or dissatisfied. I walk out feeling a million dollars each and every time.

What services do you get and why?
TOMM: What doesn’t she get…

LADY K: I can be quite predictable at times! I will always have a colour and the latest cut. I love the head massage as well and if Tomm is in a good mood he uses the Orgasmatron, which I quite like!

Have you ever had a signature cut with seanhanna?
LADY K: I’ve had the Freedom, the Connexion and the Tierdrop signature haircuts.

Why do you love going to Tomm?
LADY K: He has a sense of humour and more importantly, he knows me. We’ve built a relationship for 14 years. He knows what I like.

Have you told Tomm things you have never told anyone else?
LADY K: I have. Ooh yes. I couldn’t possibly tell you the things I’ve told Tomm.

Have you ever cheated on Tomm?
LADY K: I have never cheated on Tomm Bucknell, the best hairdresser in the world at seanhanna salons. Never, no. Nobody else will ever colour, cut or style my hair. Not even Sean Hanna himself!

If you had a song together, what would it be?
TOMM: It could be that Sonny and Cher one…

LADY K: Sonny and Cher, got you babe!

Why is Lady K one of your favourite clients?
TOMM: Lady K is one of my favourite clients because she’s slightly annoying…only joking! She’s funny, she’s got a sense of humour, she’s outgoing. She tells me straight if she’s feeling a little bit low so I know how to prop her up and I just give her a couple of bubbles and it makes her day-

LADY K: -And I’m punctual!