Lloyd started with us as a trainee in our Wimbledon salon 5 years ago. Since qualifying he has completed his L’Oreal Colour Degree, is part of the L’Oreal ID Artist programme and now works as a Colour Specialist in our Putney salon. He brought along his client Laura…

How long have you been going to see Lloyd?

LAURA: I’ve been seeing Lloyd for 3 years, 5 days and 2 hours. Ha-ha, that was a joke!

What makes you keep coming back to seanhanna?

LAURA: I love coming to seanhanna. Every time I come we have a blast and I always come out feeling like a million dollars with an amazing hair do. Everyone is incredibly welcoming.

What do have done to your hair when you come to seanhanna?

LAURA: I have my hair coloured and cut. I’ve had lots of different styles. We often do separate styles for different events that I go to.

Have you ever changed your hair with seanhanna?

LAURA: Yes lots, I used to have long hair when I first came through and now I have short hair. I’ve had different colours; I used to be dark and now I have Balayage – technical term! 

What was your first impression of Lloyd?

LLOYD: Careful…!
LAURA: My first impression of Lloyd was fun, lovely and really smiley.

How was your first visit?

LAURA: My first visit was over 3 years ago, I’d had a long day at work, I went to the Putney salon and Lloyd styled my hair beautifully! I felt really relaxed and welcomed by everyone.

Was it love at first sight when you first met Lloyd?

LAURA: Absolutely love at first sight, for sure!

Have you told Lloyd things that you haven’t told anyone else?

LAURA: I’ve told him a lot of things! I trust him, definitely.
LLOYD: Awww!

Have you ever cheated on Lloyd?!

LAURA: I’ve never cheated on Lloyd and never would!

Why is Laura one of your favourite clients?

LLOYD: Laura is one of my favourite clients because she’s always open to changing her look with what we suggest. She’s so much fun when she comes in; she’s always full of energy and we have a really great time in the salon.

Do you have any funny stories?

LLOYD: Well, one time just before Christmas, Laura came in and said that she was going to Devon for Christmas and I was actually going down to Devon to see my grandparents as well. She asked how I was getting there and I said that I was getting a coach which would take me around 7 hours so she said why don’t you just hop in the car with me? The next day I got up at 5 in the morning and we jumped in the car and we drove all the way down to Devon and it was great fun. We definitely did some car karaoke.