Ivan is an Executive Stylist based in our Canary Wharf salon. He has worked with us for the past 3 years and has completed his L’Oreal Colour Degree. Ivan brought along his favourite client, Diane.

How does seanhanna differ from other salons?

DIANE: Well firstly the most obvious is that Ivan is there and he’s just the most amazing stylist for me. But apart from that the salon itself is very friendly and very professional. It’s a very nice environment to sit and to be pampered. I enjoy being there!

What do you have done to your hair?

DIANE: I have highlights on my hair now. Most importantly I have different levels of cut. It’s very important for me that I grow old gracefully and Ivan makes me look and feel confident.

What did you last do to Diane’s hair?

IVAN: The last time Diane came to the salon she asked for a very simple blow-dry. The blow-dry was done with a diffuser with a natural texture and she absolutely loved it!
DIANE: It was fabulous!

What was your first impression of Ivan?

DIANE: My first impression of Ivan was that he was a really cool dude! I thought he looked very creative and I thought that he looked like the sort of man that would actually listen to me and I think that’s very important. So I gave him a sort of guide to what I wanted and I got more!

Do you remember your first visit to Ivan?

DIANE: I remember my first visit to Ivan; it was a spectacular event. I had a very wonderful idea as to how I should look and when I arrived I explained to Ivan. I seem to recall that he did something a little bit like that but he put a little bit of edge into the style and I felt fantastic when I left. It was just an absolutely amazing experience.

What do you love most about Ivan?

DIANE: The thing that I love most about Ivan is Ivan. He has the most amazing personality. He’s very creative, he listens to you and he’s very interactive, I like the way he gets out his phone and shows me all these marvellous photographs. I think he’s just a fabulous person and he makes my husband look fantastic too!

What makes Diane one of your favourite clients?

IVAN: Diane is my favourite client because when she arrives I always know that I’m going to have a great time doing her hair. We always have great conversations and always a pleasure to work with her hair – no matter what you do it always looks fantastic! We talk about a lot of different things in life! About travelling, food, about basic things!

Have you changed Diane’s hair?

IVAN: I remember a year ago Diane came into the salon and we decided to do something completely different than what we usually do. I styled her hair with curling product and obviously she was very happy!